Money-5 Ways You’re Missing Out On Money

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As a teacher and someone who is always looking to manifest money, I cannot pass up great ways to save. But what’s better than saving money… finding money you didn’t know you had or making money by doing next to nothing. I was floored when I found out that I was missing out on money that was either owed to me or was simple to make. I wanted to make sure you knew about the five things that I’ve been doing recently to make sure I get all of my coins.  Keep reading to find out 5 ways you may be leaving money behind.

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1. Not Checking with your State’s Treasury

Did you know that you may have money sitting in your state treasury? My husband found out this little secret from his brother. Perhaps a company owes you money and they can’t find you. The money that they owe you gets turned into the state. It’s not difficult to get your money back but they’re probably not going to come knocking on your door. Go to your state treasury’s website and see if they have a section where you can claim your unclaimed money or property. Here’s an example from North Carolina.

Are you leaving money on the table
NC Claim Your Cash

North Carolina has made it very simple to claim cash if you are missing it. Sometimes you just enter your information, and sometimes you have to have documents notarized. If you’re from N.C. click here to find out if you’re richer than you think.Class Action Suits

2. Not Being Aware of Class Action Suits

If you watch television you’ve probably seen commercials that ask have you or your loved one taken a particular drug, and they proceed to list the symptoms that the drug may have caused and direct you to call a lawyer. This is an example of a class action suit. However, there are less serious class action suits and companies may owe you money. One way to not miss out is to go to and sign up for their emails that alert you about new class action suits. Don’t forget to look at current suits, and if you’re brave, look at the closed suits you may have missed out on.

How not to leave money on the table

Companies can owe people money for plenty of reasons: unsolicited emails or phone calls, faulty equipment, false claims, fraud, etc. If you are eligible for any of class action suits you may receive a rebate, a voucher, or a check.

3. Not Automating Your Savings for FREE

I lovvveeeee online shopping. It’s pretty ridiculous, but anyway… as soon as I get ready to check out of any online store I do a search for coupon codes. When I find codes most of the time it doesn’t work. I’m happy to say that I no longer have to search for coupon codes because they automatically come to me with Honey. Honey is a FREE extension for your browser, and when you visit a site with promo codes a number of how many codes related to the site will pop up. You don’t even have to find which deal works for what you are buying. Honey tests all codes for you before you hit the purchase button.

Here is one example of how I saved using Honey on

Are you leaving money on the table

Are you leaving money on the table



4. Not Automating your Ebates

The next way to save is by using the Ebates add-on. I know you’ve probably heard of Ebates, the site that gives you cash back on online purchases (and now some store purchases) that you were already going to make anyway. You can earn cashback for hotels, retail stores, business cards, cell phone services. I just wanted to make sure that you add the free add-on to your toolbar. Similar to Honey, whenever you visit an eligible site, you get a popup that asks you if you want to activate your savings. Before I added the add-on I would always forget to check Ebates first just to find out that I missed out on cash back. Now you don’t have to visit Ebates first. I love getting my big fat checks in the mail.

5. Not Earning Free Gift Cards by Walking

My close friend put me on to the Shopkick app. All you have to do is download the app to your phone, turn it on, allow it to have access to your microphone and then look at the stores that will give you points simply by walking in. Yes, it’s that easy. You can rack up at stores like Walmart and Bestbuy. Get a ton of points when you walk around a mall. Once you get enough points you can earn gift cards to places like JCPenny’s, Walmart, and Target.

Here’s a screen shot. (Ignore my near-dead phone).

Shopkick How not to leave money on the table
Shopkick app


So go get your money goddess!!!

5 easy Ways to earn money

How do you make sure you never miss out on money?


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  1. Katie | 27th Aug 17

    Thanks for sharing your tips! I’m always looking for ways to save money too! I’ll have to look into the shopkick app. One thing my husband and I do is earn a lot of cash back points on our credit cards. Instead of using cash and losing change with transactions, we earn points by putting everything on our cash back credit cards, pay them off every month and in return we get a bunch of money back on all our purchases. It’s a really great way to earn free money!

    • Valarie Thomas | 27th Aug 17

      That’s good advice. I’ve been research good travel cards and thinking of using that same method or putting what I buy or pay anyway on the card and paying it off. This will help me do the traveling I desire.

  2. Julie Emery | 27th Aug 17

    This is a great list! I was not aware of the first two but rushed to check out both. 🙂

    • Valarie Thomas | 27th Aug 17

      I hope these work for you.

  3. Angela | 27th Aug 17

    Awesome ideas! I have never heard of some of these before. Definitely need to check with the state! Thanks!

    • Valarie Thomas | 27th Aug 17

      Good luck!

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