The Most Stylish Baby Teethers Ever

Hello, Goddesses. I hope all is well. I’m getting back into the swing of things, teaching middle schoolers and taking care of my two babies. Now that Prince Cairo is five months (that was fast) and gnawing on everything, I am in the market for teethers to soothe those itchy gums. I was shocked at how far teethers have come since my five-year-old was a baby.


Love the teethers above. Well my baby is a brand rep for Hello My Love Designs.Be sure to check out Hello My Love Designs here and use promo code HelloMyLove20 for 20% off and be sure to mention Cairo’s name!

New teethers have classic designs, some are wooden pieces of art. Some are fashionable for a mommy or daddy to wear as their babies grab and chew on them. I call the wearable teethers, teething jewelry and you’ll see why in the pictures below. My baby always pulls my necklaces and bracelets and tries to put them in his mouth so I absolutely am obsessed with them.  I find beautiful teething jewelry practical and artsy. They look so good that most people can’t tell that they’re teethers. So even if your baby is not with you, you still look like you’re wearing a statement piece.

Is your little one teething? Are you looking for practical yet cute baby shower gifts? Well, I’ve rounded up some awesome teethers that will make mommy and daddy look like stylish parents and soothe baby’s swollen gums. They are not only fashionable but they are silicone (easy to wash and soft to chew) and BPA free. Take a look and tell me which ones you love in the comments.

Bracelet Teethers

BPA free baby teethers
I love bangles. My baby will love these
BPA free baby teethers
This teether comes in many colors
BPA free baby teether
This teether is simple yet beautiful

Necklace Teethers


BPA free baby teethers
I love these circular designs.
BPA free baby teethers
This one comes in many colors.
BPA free baby teethers
Moana anyone?


BPA free baby teethers
I own this one. My baby loves it.
BPA free baby teethers
Perfect for church.
BPA free baby teethers
Daddy will love this…and so will baby
BPA free baby teethers
Cute even once baby is at daycare
BPA free baby teethers
Perfect for mommy or daddy.
BPA free baby teethers
BPA free baby teethers
BPA free baby teethers
Perfect for daddies.
BPA free baby teethers
Very Stylish
BPA free baby teethers
I think this one is my favorite aesthetically


Want to browse more stunning baby teethers for mommies and daddies to wear? Click here.

Do you love these teethers? Comment below!


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Valarie Thomas

I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, an author, mommy, and lifestyle blogger, Air Force wife, and mother of 2, and I’m here to inspire other mommies to honor their higher selves and live life with ease.


  1. Marlene Wetch | 23rd Sep 17

    I never thought of a wearable teether before. But my kids are older and these were not around so much when they were little. I think I would even wear one as an everyday piece

    • Valarie Thomas | 23rd Sep 17

      I know. Some people are so darn creative. Some of these are sooo beautiful.

  2. Diana | 23rd Sep 17

    I actually own the circular one in that mint color! I got it at Target! Best purchase ever, baby girl loves it! I want to get one of the beaded ones too.

    • Valarie Thomas | 23rd Sep 17

      The mint one is one of my favorites. I can wear it all day (without the baby) lol

  3. Shell | 24th Sep 17

    Wow these are actually so beautiful! And what a fabulous idea! I wish id had these when my boys were babies!!

    • Valarie Thomas | 24th Sep 17

      Yes. I wish I would’ve thought of inventing them.

  4. Karen L | 24th Sep 17

    These are sooo cool! Thanks for sharing!

    • Valarie Thomas | 24th Sep 17

      No problem. 🙂

  5. Melissa | This Blended Home of Mine | 24th Sep 17

    Oh wow, yes certainly are very stylish! I wish I had these when my little ones were teething. We had the little gummy ones that you’d pop in the fridge or freezer – and when the kids had them, they’d just end up falling. It’s so amazing to see how things have really changed over the years. So cute!!

    • Valarie Thomas | 24th Sep 17

      And I still use the ones you freeze, but like you said, I’m glad that these don’t fall on the floor.

  6. Kim | 24th Sep 17

    These are amazing! Great idea! I wish I would of know about these when my girls were babies

  7. Sarah | 24th Sep 17

    Wow!! These pieces are so nice! I am going to share this and make sure I get one when I have more kids. This is such a great idea for teething babies 🙂

  8. Edwin Prasetio | 25th Sep 17

    Such teethers are of brilliant creativity. Babies got pacified and parents got fashionable!

    • Valarie Thomas | 29th Sep 17

      Exactly! You said it best.

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