2018 Glow Up Guide

Hey, Goddesses. 2018 is here and many of us want to not only set goals but crush those goals, whether you’re an entrepreneur, teacher,  “slay” at homemommy, direct sales queen, lawyer, doctor, or virtual assistant. In 2017 I was able to set many goals and achieve them. Now I feel super empowered and I want to take my #girlboss entrepreneur skills to the next level. Here are 33 bangin’ tips to help us keep or gain momentum. Whatever your goals, crush it, Goddess. I can’t wait to see our 2018 glow up!

Let’s Begin Goal Digging

  1. Put on your matching panties and bras

Seems crazy? Hear me out. Yes boo, put them on even if you have to wear them from your damn self. Oh, you’re like me and have a ton of mixed match pieces. Victoria’s Secret has plenty of sales.

Why? Even if no one sees your sexy matching ensemble, you feel it. You’ll get a boost in confidence and that will change everything.

Check these out.


  1. Lipstick

I love when my lipstick is poppin’. I recently cut my hair so I’m loving bright colors these days. They make me feel extra girly and fancy. Not a makeup girl? You may want to become one even if it’s not foundation, toner, and other things that make one’s head spin. A little lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner (watch 1-3 tutorials on youtube, preferably of a girl with similar skin tone) go a long way. Try these poppin’ lip colors

  1. Get your eyebrows waxed

Want to see magic happen. Get your eyebrows waxed or threaded and omg! It does wonders for freshening up the face. Everyone will notice. Try this brow pencil.


  1. Moisturize inside and out

Face- try this Clinique Moisturizer.

Lips- use a poppin’ Fenty lip gloss

Body-water lots and lots of water especially if you’re carrying a little one or breastfeeding. Here’s a pack of 12 Life WTR’s (water) delivered by Amazon. Aren’t these water bottles gorgeous? I refill mine and keep them out of the landfill.


  1. Meditate 5 minutes in the morning or at night

Listen to this quick guided meditation.

Check out this bestselling book for those of us too busy or restless to meditate for long periods of time. goals


  1. Tell your man what you really need

I’ve been married almost ten years and I can tell you, your man can’t read minds. It’s aggravating but they don’t. You have to respectfully tell him what you want sexually, emotionally, etc. If he listens, then you have a great man. If he listens it will save you so much frustration.


  1. Cut out assholes and frienemies

Those little jabs your friend takes at you aren’t harmless. Does that chick forget her wallet every time you go out and you have to pay? Are you always there for her but she consistently flakes on you? Does everyone find out secrets that you only told her? You have to let that shit go. It will be hard and may even feel like a horrible breakup, but you’ll feel so much better in the long run and your soul will thank you.


  1. See a therapist

The secret to my glow, lol. Yeah, I have a therapist, and I look forward to seeing her every other week so that I can bare my soul and see that perhaps I overreacted just a tad or that I’m doing great. Perspective helps so much. No shame in my game. She’s helped me become a better mother, wife, and teacher. Can’t get a therapist. Talk to a pastor, a true friend who can tell you the truth gently and selflessly.

  1. Get the damn passport (Travel)

(I’m talking to myself, right now). I had a passport when I was three. Lived overseas. Got another one in college went to Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Japan. It expired about 8 years ago and I’ve only left the country on cruises, which is awesome but not the same as staying in a country, you know? In 2018, I’m going places.

Check out this cute maxi dress for your next trip (from my online boutique Ambrosia and Sage).

  1. Read

I’m obsessed with books. I have been most of my life (except college. I don’t know what happened, I just didn’t read outside of my textbooks). I love mysteries, quirky self-help books, and thrillers.

These are books I’ve loved recently

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Mystery/thriller

The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage– Mel Robbins Self-help

You are a Badass-Jen Senciro

You are a Badass at Making Money– Jen Senciro Self-help

#GirlBoss-Sopia Amoroso Self-Help


  1. Invest in something that speaks to your soul

Try the bright Chakra beads or this brilliant wall tapestry (stare at the details and take deep breaths when I feel stressed or anxious.)

Are you a minimalist or do you not need anything else in your house? Try buying a service like a massage or facial. Even better invest in a course or conference that will bring you closer to your goals.


  1. Automobile university

On my morning commute, I listen to The Breakfast Club. It is my guilty pleasure, but any other time I listen to my favorite podcasts. I learn so much from these people and their messages can be downright life-changing. They can help you start a business, grow a business, light a match under your ass, help you be more mindful. The list goes on. I honestly feel that I’ve learned more on my commute that I’ve learned in college.

My favorite podcasts are

-The Blog Millionaire

-Rich Bitch Podcast

-The Lively Show

-Manifest it Now Podcast

-The Minimalist Podcast

-Side Hustle Nation


  1. Give back

I definitely will delve more giving back in 2018. Give back to causes that mean a lot to you. Give to charities that support causes that don’t affect you. Give your time or money. Every little bit helps. Charitynavigator.org lets you know which charities are on the up and up and honest about how they use your money.


  1. Do that shit

Stop waiting, stop doubting yourself, pause researching (sometimes we research and never act) and do whatever your soul has been begging you to try. Do it scared.


  1. Activate your magic

I’ve recently tapped into my power, my magic. I have always felt like success and being the best was for other people and not me. I didn’t believe in myself in so many ways and that limited the things I thought I could have. My limiting beliefs made me overlook or shy away from opportunities. We all possess magic and the ability to manifest the life of our dreams. Once we exercise this power, the world opens up to us more and more.


  1. Honor your higher self

Your higher self is the you that your soul wants you to be. It’s the you that does not let fear stop her, it’s the you that does everything it wants to do, it’s the you that does not take shit from anyone. Your higher self wants the best for you but it is sometimes drowned out by who society, your parents, and fear want you to be.


How to bring out your higher self? Imagine her. How would the greatest form of you dress? Where would she work? What would she drive? Does she eat healthier? Is she in a healthy relationship? Who are her friends? Create vision boards around this and then take on her vibes. Feel how she feels. Embody your higher self every chance you get and before you know it you will transform into her. You will start to get opportunities that bring you closer to her. You will get rid of things or people that no longer serve you.


  1. Realize you are the architect and co-creator of your life.

The mind is the limit and the Universe has your back. Set the intention for what you want, work hard, and the universe will bring it to you.


  1. Find your tribe

I haven’t always been great at surrounding myself with people who spoke to my soul. I didn’t feel good about myself so I attracted people who didn’t feel good about me either. Now I’m with honest people who uplift me, who make me laugh, who understand me, who respect me, who I trust. I pray to God I do the same for them.


  1. Surround yourself with a Masterclass

If you want to do something great, find the masters in that field who are already crushing it. It can be a coach or it can be through social media. When I began writing my first book, The Griot, I started friending authors on Facebook. I was able to see their mindset, work ethic, how they engaged with their audiences, and what conferences they were attending. I may not have known them personally but it let me see what was possible for me and it kicked my butt into overdrive. You can also follow gurus on Youtube or their podcasts.


  1. Change your Hair if you Dare

The scariest and most freeing thing I did was chop my massive fro into a tapered cut and I didn’t regret it one bit. You can dye your hair, chop it, straighten it or curl it. Switch it up and invite your alter ego out to play.


  1. Question everything

After a bout with depression a few years ago, I began to question religion, friendships, marriage, myself, my journey, everything and it made me a stronger, happier, more evolved person.


  1. Speak up

Because I’ve doubted myself so much in the past, I find it very difficult to speak up. If this is you too, read The Five Second Rule. This will kick your butt into gear and launch you into doing things you’re scared to do.


  1. Don’t be humble

Yes. I love Kendrick Lamar but no… Sometimes you have to toot your own horn. Don’t downplay your resume. Want to share your blog income report? Do it. Starting a new business? How will people know about it if you don’t talk about it?


  1. Collect evidence

Write down evidence that you’re manifesting the life you want. Got a promotion? Write it down. Got a parking spot near the front? Write it down. Got your first client? Write it down. This will help you pause and reflect.


  1. Do some new shit with new people

Don’t stay stuck. If your husband doesn’t want to travel, go with your friends. Want to go to a conference that none of your friends are into, go solo. Be adventurous.


  1. Set powerful goals

As I’ve stepped into my power, I’ve become more intentional with my goals. The more goals I achieve the more powerful I feel. Set goals, achieve those goals, and celebrate. Make sure you write them down so you can see how far you’ve come.


  1. Create great shit

You are a goddess and you have the ability to create so much, whether it is your business, writing a book, or creating a t-shirt line. There is so much opportunity. Research but make sure you act.


  1. Get the hell out of debt

I’m working on this too. I’m setting my attention. Writing it everywhere. Creating a plan. Following through. Might I suggest Dave Ramsey’s podcast or the Rich Bitch Podcast?


  1. Watch a documentary on Netflix

Any documentary will do. Just learn. One day I ended up watching a documentary about gorillas being killed because oil companies were clearing rain forests. It enlightened me on a disturbing issue and gave me inspiration for parts of my novel.


  1. Learn one thing on YouTube.

I’ve learned to sew, write and publish books, create graphics, and so much more.

Explore your curiosity. You can learn anything for free or at least get an introduction in any area. It may take you on a journey you never thought of venturing on.


  1. Trust your gut

Your intuition is there for a reason. That sinking feeling you get in your gut is to let you know that something is not right. Oprah talks about this in her book What I Know for Sure.


  1. Let it Flow

Don’t fight against the current of life. Relax and trust the journey and believe it will all work out. If you have anxiety like me, this can be extremely hard. I had to learn to inhale deeply and then exhale when I began to feel panicky. Just yesterday we arrived at the airport early so we wouldn’t miss our flight. Well, we were in the Orlando airport after Christmas and tons of people were leaving too and TSA security check was 50-60 minutes. I got so anxious that I wanted to vomit. I took a few deep breaths and told myself it was going to be okay even if we missed our flight. Worst case, we’d spend another day in Orlando.


We did miss our flight by like 10 minutes. When we walked up to the counter the lady told us that the best she could do was put us on standby for a flight 5 hours later but our chances weren’t good at getting on that flight either. I said okay, remained calm, and I just waited for her to do whatever she needed to. I sang to the baby, and I was surprisingly relaxed. Strangely, she asked us to walk with her. As we walked away she told us that she gave us the last three seats on the plane because we took it well and we didn’t yell at her. Hallelujah. Let it flow.


  1. Attitude of Gratitude

No matter how difficult things get find something to be grateful for. Gratitude tells the Universe that you want more of that great thing. I’m thankful for you. Have an excellent goal slayin’2018.

What to help your kids reach their goals in 2018? Try these mantras and affirmations for kids.


What are your best tips for crushing goals 2018?

About The Author

Valarie Thomas

I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, an author, mommy, and lifestyle blogger, Air Force wife, and mother of 2, and I’m here to inspire other mommies to honor their higher selves and live life with ease.


  1. Jeché | 30th Dec 17

    Awesome post. I will be incorporating some of these tips into my life. I won’t wait ’til 2018! Thanks for the book recommendations.

    • Valarie Thomas | 31st Dec 17

      Thank you for your time. Yes, the books I read have to be funny and life-changing.

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