7 Tips from a Lactation Consultant that Made This Mama a Breastfeeding Pro

Hey, Goddess. Welcome. I would like to say I am so proud of myself for breastfeeding for 10 months and to think I almost gave up…for the second time. With my first baby. I tried so hard but I just didn’t have the support and I didn’t know any breastfeeding mother’s to ask for help. The lactation consultants at the hospital that I had my baby lost their contract so they were no longer there and the nurses tried their best but it wasn’t working. I held out for two weeks and the cracked sore nipples were too damn much. And then the depression and anxiety set in and I could no longer do it.


With my second baby, my lactation consultant made me the breastfeeding goddess I am today. Now I whip out a boob without a second thought. There’s no pain and I absolutely looove breastfeeding. Let me share with you what made it possible for me to become a pro at breastfeeding.


She came into the room with bare feet, relaxed, and awesome energy and she said these six things that made me a professional breastfeeding mama:

1. Forget the YouTube Tutorials

  1. She said, “Let me see how you breastfeed before I show you anything.” I went to pop baby Cairo on the boob like numerous Youtube videos and she said, “STOP!”
  2. It wasn’t natural or comfortable for me or baby to just slap his little face on the breast the second he opened his little newborn mouth. It made me anxious. And if and when he latched on, it was excruciating and incorrect and he probably wasn’t getting enough milk and my nipples were getting more and more cracked and sore.Don’t slam the newborn on the boob, like many videos show. Put the nipple in front of your baby and let him find it. Trust the process.


2. “You’ve got a death grip on him, Mom.”

  1. I was so anxious to be successful at breastfeeding and so scared I wouldn’t succeed that the negative energy was all in my muscles and spirit and my little baby was feeling that stress too. No wonder he wasn’t latching. Stressed mama. Stressed baby. Breathe and relax your muscles and know all will be well. See how your little one responds.


3. Your Baby is a Mammal.

  1. Put him tummy to tummy and let him find the nipple. It turned out God gave him the skills he needed to latch on. Babies have thousands of years of instinct. Let them use it. When I put him on the breast, it felt right. And the more I fed him in a relaxed state, the less it hurt until it didn’t hurt at all.breastfeeding tips

4. No Nursing Pillows.

  1. My Lactation Consultant hated nursing pillows. They are customized for every woman’s and baby’s size. I always found them a bother, so I never touched one again. I just put him in my arms and now that he’s huge, I put him in my lap.


5. NO lanolin cream

  1. I could not believe this. She said they make your nipples too tender and beyond the first week, you should stop using them. And I’d been slathering my lanolin on. I had tubes of it. But I never put it on again once I left there.Newborn Breastfeeding tips

6. Roll up a diaper and put it under your breast.

  1. I have large and not so firm breasts so it was easier for the baby to latch on if my breast were nice and perky. Roll up a size one or two diaper and stick it under your breast to help the girls sit up perfect for baby to get to it.

7. Have support behind your back.

  1. It can be a pillow. Just make sure you’re not slouching or leaning forward to accommodate your baby. Again, Relax.

    Now here we are 10 months later, and baby Cairo can find my breasts in pitch-black darkness. There’s no pain and like I said, I love breastfeeding. It’s convenient for me and him. I can always feed him as long as I’m with him. I’m his pacifier and we share a great bond. Click here to read the other reasons why I believe breastfeeding is so much easier than formula feeding.

    My advice is if you can go to a lactation consultant. They are amazing. They help you give your babies the best. They make sure your baby is getting enough milk by weighing him or her and checking for tongue-ties.

    Also, your insurance may cover a consultant especially if you’re military. Hurry before “you know who” changes ish.

    I’m here to help and I know how frustrating trying to breastfeed your newborn can be. Comment below if you have any questions for me.

    Live in the Hampton Roads area? Make sure you check out Tidewater Lactation Group.


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Valarie Thomas

I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, an author, mommy, and lifestyle blogger, Air Force wife, and mother of 2, and I’m here to inspire other mommies to honor their higher selves and live life with ease.


  1. Lindsay | 19th Feb 18

    When you first let your baby find his own latch was it painful? I’m in immense pain and I’m wondering how quickly you find relief. I have also been so fustrated with the videos and drawings, nothing is helping. This is my 4th baby and I’ve had the same trouble with all of them. My newest is 5 days old.

    • Valarie Thomas | 19th Feb 18

      It hurt but less than it had been when I tried forcing him on. The more I let him find the nipple on his on the better it felt. I also used my pinky to gently move his lips after he latched to make sure they were flanged out. Afterwhile, he learned to flange his lips out on his own. It took a couple of weeks for the pain of him latching incorrectly previously to die down. But before I knew it It was completely painless. Just remember you have to heal and you nipples have to get used to the sucking. He was probably 3 or 4 weeks before we got it perfect. Keep it up mama. And see if there is a lactation meetup group in your area or if your insurance covers a consultant. Best wishes.

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