Gifts for the girl boss in your life

Whether the woman in your life is a blogger, entrepreneur, world traveler, teacher, life coach, and or mother…these are the gifts for her. They’re practical, cute, and make life easier for the girl boss in your life.

Go Pro

When I bought my husband his Go Pro, I really thought of it as a man’s gadget. The more we use it on vacation for snorkeling and watching my daughter enjoy her the cruise, I realized that this is the perfect gift for any woman who wants to chronicle her amazing action-packed life. Christmas Gift for Her

Capri Blue Volcano Light

Give your girl the gift of relaxation. I discovered the Capri Blue Volcano Candle while touring a million dollar home in the Richmond Parade of Homes. I had to ask the agents where they got that candle. The scent was divine. When they revealed that they got it from Anthropologie, I immediately purchased it right from my phone.

Christmas Gift for Her

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Apple Watch

I love my Apple Watch and how seamlessly it syncs with my Mac Book, iPhone, and iPad. I love all the awesome mommy (including an app that helps me remember what side I last breastfed on), shopping (Target App), fitness, calendar, and meditation apps that work with my cute watch. Shop the wide array of stylish bands here.

Christmas Gift For Her Apple Watch

Apple Docking Station

If you know a techy woman like me that is obsessed with Apple, she probably would like to charge her devices in one place so a beautiful docking station would suit her quite nicely.

Christmas gifts for her

Phillips Hue Light Bulbs

Although my husband loves our Phillips Hue Lights more than I do, I definitely love them and find them very beneficial. You can set your lights to come on at certain times of the day, you can turn them on with your phone, tablet, and even Alexa. You can set the mood and have your lights imitate fireplace lighting or even have a disco party and set your lights to the music.Christmas Gifts for her

Simpli Safe Security System

This gift may be weird, but it is super practical. It’s perfect for the girl who needs added security. Of course, check with her first. I was unconvinced that I would be able to set a security system by myself, but with the help of the super friendly and patient customer service rep, I set up my SimpliSafe Security System in under thirty minutes. This included installing all equipment (no hubby involved).

Christmas Gifts for Her

Oil Diffusers

What I know about essential oils are very basic, but I am convinced of their power to physically and emotionally heal. They have been used by our ancestors since the beginning of mankind (or something like that). My favorite oils are lavender, eucalyptus, wild orange, and peppermint (we had a mouse in our classroom and it’s supposed to keep mice and spiders away). There are a ton of ways to use essential oils but my favorite way is to diffuse my oils. These diffusers not only diffuse your oils but also look pretty with your decor.

Christmas Gifts for her

Ring Lights

My tiny ring light is perfect for recording live videos and taking beautiful selfies on Facebook and Instagram. It adds more lighting so that you can record from any room at any time. It takes a second to set up. You just make sure it’s charged and then clip it to your phone or computer and record or snap a picture.  It’s great for vlogging on the go and is way more affordable than the larger ring lights. Do you know a girl boss who could use this gift?

Christmas gifts for her
This ring light fits in the palm of your hand and clips to your phone or laptop

 Wall Tapestries

I love being in a divine space. I’m more productive and less stressed. I want every room that I spend time in–my classroom, my bedroom, kitchen, and living room–to feel sacred. I’ve fallen in love with wall tapestries especially the colorful mandalas. This gift is for the spiritual friend in your life.

Christmas Gifts for her
This gift is the exact wall tapestry that I have hanging in my bohemian chic room. I have a small version in my daughter’s room


I’m obsessed with journals and beautiful notebooks. They make the perfect gifts. I’ve included two. One I created myself because it’s bold and beautiful and makes a statement at that business meeting.  The other journal is a guided journal that I’ve given away in my

Facebook group THE GODDESS WITHIN. It’s perfect for looking back and seeing how far she’s come.

Christmas Gifts for Her

Dope small spiral notebook. Fits in your purse.Christmas Gifts for her

 Set goals with this 365 Days of Exploration journal.

 The Perfect Book from a Boss

What I Know for Sure is my all time favorite book. And my favorite gifts to give are books. It’s written by Queen Oprah, of course, and I actually listened to the audiobook which was awesome because she is the narrator. This book is uplifting as the girl boss in your life will become more and more inspired as they pass through each powerful chapter and each unforgettable life lesson. Christmas gifts for her

Kindle Fire

What I love about the Kindle Fire is the affordability, the crisp screen, and the on-demand assistant who can take over your screen when you need help. This gift is not just for reading. There are so many apps available for the girl boss in your life to download.

Christmas Gifts for her

Woodgrain business card holder

Since she’s a boss she shouldn’t be pulling business cards out of her wallet, nor should she be pulling out business cards out of a card holder made for a man. This gift is feminine but not too girly.

Christmas Gifts for Her


A girl boss is busy and is making money moves. She doesn’t need to waste her precious moments doing something mundane like vacuuming. The Roomba is a gift definitely on my Christmas list, and if my husband doesn’t get if for me, I’ll have to get it for myself. Did I mention that I adore anything I can automate with an app?

Christmas gifts for her

High Thread Count Sheets

When her day is done a girl boss needs to relax on some extra soft sheets. These sheets are a heavenly gift. I absolutely adore them.

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Gifts for her

Comment below and let me know what you think about these gifts. Be sure to check out my other gift guide for lovers of HBO’s Insecure and my Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide.

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I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, an author, mommy, and lifestyle blogger, Air Force wife, and mother of 2, and I’m here to inspire other mommies to honor their higher selves and live life with ease.


  1. Tisha | 12th Nov 17

    Essential oils and journals are always at the top of my wishlist! This is a great list that covers a range of budgets! Thanks for sharing 💙

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Nov 17

      I definitely wanted to cover different budgets and interests. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Aaliyah | 12th Nov 17

    Love this list! So many things I’d want for myself, but still some great ideas.
    Thanks for sharing xoxo

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Nov 17

      Treat yourself lol

  3. Damond Nollan | 12th Nov 17

    This is a really great list of items. While you were suggesting that they would be good for the lady in my life, I found myself thinking…”I might want this for myself!” LOL.

    Outside of your love of Apple products, I think you did a great job. (Laughing)

    Thanks for all that you do!

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Nov 17

      What… You don’t love Apple lol. I’m not against branching out. What products do you like?

  4. Tanya | 12th Nov 17

    I think I found some gifts perfect for the girl bosses in my life. Thank you for the help. I’m also getting something for myself lol

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Nov 17

      I know right. The true reason I love gift guides is seeing what I like for me. It’s the reason I go Black Friday shopping, too.

  5. Jenn | 12th Nov 17

    YES! I loved this. The Apple watch is at the top of my list for work but I heard it’s also amazing for fitness too! Anything that’s going to get me through my day easier is amazing.

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Nov 17

      The Apple Watch is a phone gadget. I’m not big into fitness, but it has me counting my steps.

  6. Charlene | 12th Nov 17

    Lovely list of gifts. I must say, I have been wanting a GoPro and I really think that I am going to put one of these in my “me” budget. Thank you for sharing.

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Nov 17

      Makes you want to do something a little adventurous. Do it!!!

  7. Kristal | 20th Nov 17

    Love this list. I’m also a huge fan of muni Apple Watch. So, any accessory for that is a gifting win! You definitely gave me some other great ideas as well!

    • Valarie Thomas | 20th Nov 17

      Whoop, whoop yes. Happy gifting.

  8. Denise | 21st Nov 17

    It’s settled. Boss lady is getting a diffuser. It’s perfect! Great ideas in here! Thanks for sharing!

    • Valarie Thomas | 21st Nov 17

      Diffusers are amazing. They’re cute, they make your house smell wonderful, and you can use oils for all sorts of remedies. Boss lady will be very happy.

  9. Karen | 22nd Nov 17

    Great list! The charging docking device is pretty awesome.

    • Valarie Thomas | 23rd Nov 17

      Having everything in one place is wonderful. Thank you for comment!

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