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4 Easy Ways to Save Time Grocery Shopping

Mommies are always looking for ways to save time and make life easier, and when we find it, we have to share it. I used some awesome grocery services that I rave about. At twenty-four, after working incredibly hard and not smart as a new teacher, I learned to…

Money-5 Ways You’re Missing Out On Money

Hi goddess, As a teacher and someone who is always looking to manifest money, I cannot pass up great ways to save. But what’s better than saving money… finding money you didn’t know you had or making money by doing next to nothing. I was…

22 Gifts for people who Love Insecure

  OMG!!! HBO’s Insecure is everything (but you already know this, if you don’t tune in). I love everything about Insecure from the complex and realistic characters, to their drama, and to crazy ass situations they find themselves in. The show is so raw and at…

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