The Positives of Breastfeeding for Mamas who are on the Fence.

This Is Black Friday. Doorbusters Available Now at Best Buy! 11/23-11/25.Breastfeeding has been a great blessing to me in more ways than I predicted. I knew the stated benefits, but actually benefitting from breastfeeding has been amazing. My first baby was formula fed and formula feeding has its pros, too.


    1. More sleep- This may be one of my favorite benefits of breastfeeding. I get more sleep. People ask me if my baby sleeps through the night. I really don’t know how to answer that question because as soon as he begins to move, I pop a boobie into his mouth and we both continue to sleep. In fact, he never wakes up. With formula feeding, I used to get up and make my daughters bottles and sit up and feed her until she was finished. Then it would take me forever to fall back asleep.

    2. Gratifying- I agree that the goal is feeding your baby and we are blessed to be able to provide nourishment however we are able. I love, however, knowing that this chubby baby is growing from what my body creates especially for him.

    3. Always prepared- I always have his food on tap. In fact, I can’t forget it. That’s good because I’m pretty darn forgetful. As long as he is with me, I can feed him anytime and anywhere and I don’t have to prepare any bottles. Check out the nursing bras and shirts below to make feeding on the go easier.

    4. Conquerer- I know it is not possible for every mama who wants to breastfeed to be able to, but I wanted to accomplish this and see it through. In the beginning of breastfeeding my little one, I feared that I was not going to be able to get past the pain of breastfeeding, however with a great lactation consultant, I powered through. I can do anything.


5. Breaks- I thought I would hate pumping at work, especially as a teacher, but I’ve come to love it. I get two breaks during which I get to relax, read, listen to my favorite podcasts, or check social media. I use this 15-20 minutes of pumping for self-care.

6. Savings- For the most part breastfeeding is free. I do buy bottles for his daycare and now we’re buying baby food, however, breastfeeding is a lot more affordable than buying formula, especially if your insurance pays for your supplies.

7. A free hand- When breastfeeding, I get a free hand to blog or research.

8. Health benefits- My milk is specially designed to fit my prince’s needs. If he’s sick or I’m sick my liquid gold becomes a magic elixir for him.

9. Normalizing breastfeeding- By breastfeeding, I’m normalizing the practice for my daughter, my husband, my parents, and my friends. Growing up, I didn’t know anyone who breastfed. As time goes on, breastfeeding becomes more and more common. I love this but there is still a long way to go, especially in the U.S.

10. Goodbye Aunt Flo- Okay maybe not goodbye, but I’ve been free of Aunt Flo for over a year and I don’t miss her. Sorry, not sorry.

Is breastfeeding perfect, no. Let’s just be transparent. Some of the cons of breastfeeding are clogged ducts, baby biting you, the initial excruciating pain, and for some mamas, nursing can lead to postpartum depression. It did for me with my first baby. In the end, I have one child who was formula fed and I have one who is being breastfed and they are both healthy. But having been through both forms of feeding, I simply love breastfeeding more.

What do you love or even hate about breastfeeding?

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I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, an author, mommy, and lifestyle blogger, Air Force wife, and mother of 2, and I’m here to inspire other mommies to honor their higher selves and live life with ease.


  1. Molly | 16th Nov 17

    Beautiful words! Thank you for writing.

    • Valarie Thomas | 18th Nov 17

      You’re very welcome. Thank you for your time.

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