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Hey, Goddesses. I am the mother of a very hyper, intelligent, sensitive, and often mischievous five-year-old girl. I love her nature. She’s strong-willed and a powerful self-advocate.

That strong-will, however, gets her in trouble and often. After having a turbulent preschool career, I prayed that she would turn things around and have a magical kindergarten year. Well, that wasn’t what we got. It feels as if she constantly has “bad” days.

Negative reports are taking a toll on her teacher, my husband and I, and her. I can see it wearing down her self-esteem as she is beginning to see herself as a “bad girl.” It breaks my heart as I try to navigate parenthood and discipline her yet not break her spirit. So we’re trying out some spiritual methods to help her center herself, focus, choose the right behaviors, and build her self-esteem.

    • We meditate often and for short periods. Try this fun guided children’s meditation.

    • We reflect on our day. Verbally or through drawing or writing. Consider these journals.

  • She creates affirmations every morning. Sometimes I help guide her with this.

Affirmations for kids are powerful in focusing their intention for the day. Affirmations can improve skills, maintain or build positive behaviors, promote actions and thoughts for your child’s well-being.

Here are some powerful affirmations my daughter and I created together.


Check out how I dress my daughter with intention by building her capsule wardrobe. I will be adding my own affirmations and mantras soon. I find them to be powerful as they often lead to inspired action and great breakthroughs. I did a 14-day money affirmation challenge so that I can reframe my personal money story. Want to know more about money mindset? Listen to

You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero

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Do you practice mindfulness and affirmations with your child? How so? What affirmations could I add to this list?

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I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, an author, mommy, and lifestyle blogger, Air Force wife, and mother of 2, and I’m here to inspire other mommies to honor their higher selves and live life with ease.

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