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Mommies are always looking for ways to save time and make life easier, and when we find it, we have to share it. I used some awesome grocery services that I rave about. At twenty-four, after working incredibly hard and not smart as a new teacher, I learned to become more efficient. As a first year teacher, I was tired of working all day, coming home and working until 8 at night. I changed my life, and now I’ve carried the “work smart, not hard” mantra into motherhood, writing, and building my business.


There was a time when I would have felt guilty about having someone do things that I could do myself. I would’ve hidden in shame if a car with some sort of maid service branding pulled up to my driveway. Now I don’t bat a lash at outsourcing some of my adulting and mommy duties so that I can spend more time hanging out with my babies, rejuvenating my spirit, or working on my multiple income streams and goals. All of these things add value to my family and that is priceless. One of my favorite ways to shave an hour or more off of my time is to outsource my grocery shopping. I already love shopping online, so why not buy my groceries online too. Here are some grocery services that I use to save a great amount of time during my busy weeks and weekends.

Saving time grocery shopping
With a little one, I love to save time with grocery services.

The following grocery services are perfect for mommies with newborns, rambunctious children, busy women, or women who just don’t feel like being in a busy grocery store. I used them all. This may not be perfect for people who say they need to see and touch their own produce. Don’t worry the associate picks out the freshest produce and meat for you.


  1. Save Time with Walmart Grocery Pick Up

Walmart Grocery Pick Up is great because for no added cost you can have a Walmart Associate pick up your selections and bring it to your car a time of your choice.

  • Pick out your groceries and pay online.
  • Choose your pick up time.
  • Arrive (Park in the Grocery Pick Up cue) in your hour window and call or use your app to let them know you’re there.
  • Unlock your trunk and let them load your groceries.
  • You’re done in less than 10 minutes.

Pros- Save time with this grocery service. It’s free, convenient, and simple.

Cons- You have to plan ahead. I ordered my groceries one day and picked it up the next day.


Try this code for $10 off of $50 on your first order. WOWFRESH

Save Time Grocery Shopping


  1. Kroger ClickList

Kroger ClickList is similar to Walmart Grocery Pick up. One difference is you can shop using Kroger coupons and your rewards card to save.

  • Pick out your groceries and pay online.
  • Choose your pick up time.
  • Arrive (Park in the Click it cue) in your hour window and call or use your app to let them know you’re there.
  • Unlock your trunk and let them load your groceries.
  • Pay the associate.


Pros- Save time using this Kroger app. convenient

Cons- You can’t pay online. Well I couldn’t when I used Clicklist.

Save time grocery shopping

  1. CVS Curbside Pick up

Similar to the first two services. A great way to save time. You should use this even if it’s just to use the $10 off of $15 coupon below. I like this one to pick up diapers when they have a good sale.


  • Place an order online or on your app and pay online.
  • Check your text messages to find out when it’s ready.
  • Park in the curbside spot
  • Pick up and go.

Pros- Free, simple, and convenient. Same day pick up available.

Cons- Not as many choices as a full grocery store and not everything you find in the store is available online.


Use this code at to get $10 on your first curbside pickup order of $15 or more. CVSSEM1015


  1. Instacart

So perhaps you’ve heard about Instacart and you’re unsure about it. I’ve used it and I love it. I recommend it to everyone. It’s simple. Unlike the other three services, they bring the groceries to your house!!! It was great. I chose the stores that Instacart has partnered with in my area, again I chose Kroger. You’re able to use  coupons. I chose my time frame and my personal shopper texted me and let me know she was on her way to Kroger. She kept in contact, letting me know if something wasn’t available so that I could choose to either pick something else or be refunded. Then she brought the groceries to my house and I tipped her with the Instacart app.

Pros- Save time and gas. The most convenient. Also, are you looking for a side hustle, this may be for you. You can use it for stores like Kroger, Harris Teeter, CVS, Whole Foods, Petco, Costco. Check to see if Instacart is available in your area.

Cons- It is not free but you can earn free shopping trips by inviting your friends. (your first order is free, but there is a service charge). Be sure to look for deals.


Use this link to save $10.

Have you saved time using any of these services? What do you love about it? Will you try one? What’s stopping you from trying one of these services?



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