22 Gifts for people who Love Insecure


OMG!!! HBO’s Insecure is everything (but you already know this, if you don’t tune in). I love everything about Insecure from the complex and realistic characters, to their drama, and to crazy ass situations they find themselves in. The show is so raw and at times makes us cringe because it reflects so much that we’ve been through at work, in relationships, and if friendships. And of course, it’s awkward. There is nothing like it and we’re here for it. I’m also very much here for the black products they showcase on every episode. So in honor of my husband, who put me on to Insecure, I’ve picked out 22 Insecure inspired gifts for the guy or girl (or yourself) who loves Insecure. I can’t wait to add all of these to products we love.

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Season 1 DVD

gifts for people who love insecure
Season 1 of HBO’s Insecure

First, you have to start with season one of Insecure so that you & your friends can watch at any time.

The Insecure soundtrack

There are so many great songs with awesome vibes on Insecure. Try Plastic by Moses Sumney Insecure soundtrack.

gifts for people who love insecure


The famous WE GOT YALL t-shirts from Issa’s job with co-workers who work with minority children but they don’t necessarily understand them.

gifts for people who love insecure
We Got Y’all tees
gifts for people who love insecure
We got y’all women’s tee

Everything from Mess In A Bottle

Insecure’s Yvonne Orji wore this bomber from Kalilah Wright’s Mess in Bottle line and bought a whole lot more. Watch the video here and then get your own

#FavoriteThingsFriday 1). @messinabottle has some of the DOPEST swagg on the interwebs! I was looking for wrap gifts and there literally was something for everyone on their site. And the customer service is 👌🏾! I especially like that some of the items come inside a keepsake glass bottle! Shout out to @lenawaithe for rockin their attire at the BET awards. 2). I saw @wolfjames wearing one of these signature @mianik.co Africa necklaces, and you know I got pressed and wanted one! They come in black, rose gold, silver and gold and go with everything! 3). I was introduced to @away luggage thru @thealist.us and when I tell you, they have become my go-to travel companions! I HATE packing with a passion, but these suitcases make it bearable. AND they're rechargeable, so you can plug in your devices to get juice on the go 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 4). This @avantgarde_home candle had hints of lemongrass and burns nicely. I can't stand a candle that smells good to the nose but when you burn it, is like 🙄. Thankfully, this leaves a rich aroma flowing thru your home 5). @littleblueberryy makes really cool jewelry with fun inscriptions that can be really dope gifts! #HelpingSmallBusinessesGrow! #iBeenThere #EachOneReachOne

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. Check out the other dope designs from Mess in a Bottle.


Dope Pillow Covers

I personally love the Nikki Manage Pillow on Issa’s couch but I really love this James Baldwin Pillow Cover . I could definitely see him on Issa’s couch.

Gifts for people who love Insecure
Baldwin Pillow Cover

Or even this Biggie Smalls pillow cover

gifts for people who love insecure
Biggie Pillow Cover



Ode to Natural Hair

I adore Issa’s natural hair, from her updos to her cornrows. The following gifts celebrate the natural hair beauty in your life.

This natural hair shirt

gifts for people who love Hbos insecure
4th of July lips loc’d hair tee

This Beautiful Mug

gifts for people who love insecure
afro mug

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Shop The Mommie Goddess Gear

Fly Ass Jewelry

Every watch by Springbreakwatches.com is classy and sexy. I bought this one for my husband for father’s day. I wish I bought the duo set, but I will be getting my own soon. Did I mention Springbreakwatch is black owned.

gifts for people who love insecure
Spring Break Watches Thurmond Wood

These Hate Love earrings make quite the impression

gifts for people who love HBOS insecure
Hate and love earrings

Listen to the Misadventures that started it all

gifts for people who love insecure
Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

I’ve noticed that Issa Rae wears some cute bomber jackets like This bomber jacket

gifts for friends who love insecure
Floral Bomber Jacket

90’s Love

The characters are always paying homage to the 90’s. Check out these retro shirts.

We looked good in the 90’s, didn’t we? Well, the girls at Izzy & Liv know how to bring that style back. You’ve got to sign up for their Brown Sugar Box. It’s a subscription box that arrives at your doorstep every month and damn, they have some awesome goodies. Here’s me with my Martin shirt and other cute apparel and jewelry.

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Use this code to get $5 off your first Brown Sugar Box. FRIEND5HOOKUP_VSFX67

The shirt below makes me want to start singing a little D’Angelo.

gifts for people who love HBOS insecure
Brown Sugar Babe Tee


Will your friend (or you) appreciate one of these shirts inspired by the show A Different World?

I’m loving this Dwayne tee. I can definitely see this on the cast.

Gifts for Friends who love Insecure
Dwayne Tee

The Hillman Crew shirt

gifts for friends who love insecureDwayne Whitley Freddie Ron & Kim


What gift will you get your quirky, dope, creative, Insecure lovin’ friend?

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  1. Cassie | 22nd Aug 17

    I haven’t heard of insecure before so I need to check it out! Love some of these gift ideas

  2. Susan Minich | 22nd Aug 17

    How have I never heard of Insecure? Now I need to turn on HBO On Demand to check it out!

  3. Maria McGrath | 22nd Aug 17

    I have never watched Insecure, but feel I must now check it out.. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Mica | 22nd Aug 17

    I haven’t seen the show but I do like some of the gifts on the list! It sounds like the kind of show I’d enjoy, I wonder if we can get it here in Australia?

  5. RikaConfesses | 23rd Aug 17

    I haven’t seen the show, because I don’t have HBO.. but now I’m intrigued. A product list like this is a really interesting way to get introduced to something – probably more informative than a lot of trailers/adverts!

  6. Chantal | 23rd Aug 17

    Haven’t heard of Insecure, but now I’m curious to check it out. Love the pics.

  7. sonia | 30th Aug 17

    So many nice things, i haven’t heart yet about Insecure, but i’m gonna check it now.

    • Valarie Thomas | 2nd Sep 17

      Yes. It’s on HBO every Sunday night. The lead actress was a youtube sensation.

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