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Teacher gifts
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Got a great teacher in your life? Perhaps she or he is your significant other or a bestie, or you love your child’s teacher so much and they’re awesome at pouring knowledge and love into your children. You want a gift that commemorates their calling but goes beyond the ultra creative Pinterest DIY gifts. These gifts will not only wow that exquisite educator, but they will make her life easier, more fun, and more Zen. As a teacher, I love these teacher gifts for teacher appreciation week, Christmas, or just because.

Unique Teacher Gifts

Teacher giftsIs your favorite teacher constantly creating little Einsteins? This Genius paper clip magnet will make an awesome conversation piece on their desk.

 These Alex and Ani bracelet express what all teachers need to hear when it feels our babies won’t pass the BIG test or  each day there’s a new task to add to mountains of tasks we already have. Get your favorite teacher this reminder. Just believe.
 This periodic table lunch box is perfect for the science teacher in your life.

 This salt lamp will not only cleanse negative energy in your favorite teacher’s home or classroom but it will create a beautiful ambiance. Help the teacher in your classroom provide a fun mental challenge for his or her students and they’ll be sure to be the coolest teacher on the block.Teacher gifts Having been to Kenya, I know how important this Swahili saying is. Hakuna Matata. Everything will be fine. No worries. Every once in a while a teacher needs to look up and see this encouraging phrase.Teacher gifts No truer words were ever spoken. This small poster will go great in a teacher’s classroom.Teacher gifts Know a stylish teacher who can somehow rock heels all day while educating the masses, then this stapler is for her. Teacher giftsThis Mona Lisa lamp is for the art or world history teacher in your life.
Teacher gifts Want to get your favorite teacher friend a lunch bag that goes beyond the ordinary bland lunch box. This Kate Spade lunch bag is perfect for the stylish teacher.Teacher gifts This coffee mug is perfect is a wonderful gift for a male coffee loving teacher. This will definitely get its daily use.

Teacher gift

This teacher gift is a stylish laptop and briefcase tote. Perfect for any teacher outfit.

Teacher giftsWe teachers, get parched teaching all day. Why not sip out of this sparkly Kate Spade water bottle? This is definitely a product I love.

Teacher gifts
17 month planner

Meeting on top of meeting. Is there a profession that meets more than teachers? At least feel good when penciling it in with this gift.

Teachers gift
Teachers create all other Professions. So true. Use code GODDESS1 to save 20% off this tee.

Teacher gifts If you want to give a teacher an apple, this one tissue dispenser is perfect. Teacher giftsThis teacher gift is for the hip coffee loving English teacher.

Teacher giftsThere is always work to bring home when you’re a teacher these inspirational totes help lighten the load.
Teacher gifts These pins are perfect for that awesome biology teacher.
Teacher gifts There’s nothing more boring than files. At least make it cute.
Teacher gifts English teachers rejoice. Teaching punctuation may not be fun but these earrings are.

Teacher gifts A unique mouse for the unique teacher.  Bamboo wireless mouse.Teacher giftIn order to grow teachers must reflect. This handmade teacher gift is a stylish and unique journal is great for self-reflection.

Want more inspiration? Check out these teacher gifts.

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  1. Jackie | 11th Sep 17

    That is a great gift guide! My favourite are the bone pens!!

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Sep 17

      Yes. Kids would love to see their teacher signing their hall pass with those. Creepy but fun

  2. Christine Salty Mama | 11th Sep 17

    I LOVE that apple tissue dispenser! SO cute and unique 🙂

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Sep 17

      I know. Perfect for cold season coming up.

  3. Jolinda Mapp | 11th Sep 17

    There’s some really great ideas here! I think I know what I’m going to be getting some people for Christmas already!

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Sep 17

      They’ll love it.

  4. Niharika Roy Choudhury | 12th Sep 17

    My mother is a teacher too and I like the idea of gifting stylish laptop and briefcase tote. Great article!!! thanks for sharing

    • Valarie Thomas | 12th Sep 17

      You’re welcome. Yes, that tote is my favorite gift on this list. I hope my husband is taking notes.

  5. Innana | 13th Sep 17

    Even though I’m not a teacher, I love these items! I’m obsessed with that apple tissue dispenser and want to get it for my office LOL

    • Valarie Thomas | 13th Sep 17

      It’s awesome. They have it in green too. I have to make a rule in my classroom for kids not to touch it because I know they’ll try to play with it.

  6. DNN | 16th Sep 17

    Just stopping by to check out your blog Ms. Mommie. Read your about page and noticed you’re from down south. I’m from New York.. L 😛 L

    Stop on by DNN sometime and share some feedback, ya heard!? (smile)

    See ya around!

    • Valarie Thomas | 17th Sep 17

      Thank you for stopping by. I have plenty of family in New York and love visiting. I checked out DNN and I’ll drop some feedback soon. Thanks again.

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