Baby Shower Gifts and Baby Gear Must Haves

Prince Cairo and I have had a great first few months together. Watching him grow and reach milestones is just as exciting as it was with my first. I wanted to share some baby gear, baby bottles, and baby toys that have made life easier for me and happier for baby.

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Engaging Toys


Fisher Price Gym. Baby Gear
He loves his Fisher Price Gym. Baby gear.

Yeah, they’re small but we know they need stimulation. Prince Cairo loves his little Fisher Price Gym. At first, he could only stare at the colorful hanging toys but now he’s grabbing and bringing the toys to his mouth as he giggles with delight. I also use the gym to give him tummy time. All of the toys are removable and can be attached to other baby gear.

Diapers that can handle anything

I was tired of getting leak after leak with sub par diapers. Having a breastfed baby makes blowouts more likely to happen. There’s nothing more fun than carrying a poop soaked baby around Target and fake smiling as you make your way to the restroom. And if that mess gets on you… So after some messy mishaps, I have found my diaper preference, Huggies Snug and Dry. I love the way they fill when I touch them, and they hold anything Prince Cairo throws at them.

Huggies Snug and Dry. Best diapers. Baby Gear
Best diapers for us.

Favorite Bottles

Finding a bottle that he will actually take has been a big challenge for us. Prince Cairo loves the boob, which is wonderful, but I have to return to work. So after investing in about 5 different bottles, I finally found two that he will accept, Playtex Baby Nurser Baby Bottle with Drop-Ins Disposable Liners and Dr. Brown’s Original Wide Neck Bottles. I love the Playtex Nursers because not only does he take them, but they are also easy to clean because of the Drop-ins. I just started to use Dr. Brown’s to see if it would get rid of my baby’s gassiness while at the sitters. I also used Dr. Brown’s bottles 5 years ago with Princess Aniya.

Baby bottles Playtex Easy Baby gear
Playtex baby Nurser Bottles
Dr. Browns baby bottles. Gas relief bottles.
Dr. Browns bottles

Baby gear

When Prince Cairo was itty-Bitty and just home from the hospital I used the Swaddle Me By Your Side Sleeper. It safely allows baby to co-sleep. It has breathable mesh sides and keeps baby safe while in bed with you. I could just reach over and pick him up when it was time for his numerous feedings. Super easy. And I felt better hearing him breathe. Also since we love to travel it’s easier to pack this up than it is to pack up our Pack and Play.

Bassinet Co Sleeper Baby gear
Swaddle Me By Your Side Sleeper



Baby K'Tan | Babywearing baby gear
Prince Cairo in his Baby K’Tan

I started babywearing with my first child but didn’t do it as much because of the complication of the wrap that I had. After some research, I decided on the Baby K’tan which is so much easier to wrap and contains less fabric (it also puts him right to sleep). I love wearing it when it’s cool out or around the house, however, even with less fabric it is still hot in the summer, so I am using my membership in my local Babywearers International club to try out different carriers and wraps.

Baby Gear Bumbo
Baby Gear Bumbo

Prince Cairo loves his Bumbo. I should feel terrible about it, but he can sit in front of the tv for about fifteen minutes in complete glee. That means mommy can get stuff done. He loves it because he doesn’t want to lay down all the time and he loves seeing whats going on around him. When he gets older we can feed him in it. Our Bumbo actually belonged to my daughter when she was a baby and it still is in great shape.

The Complete List


Fisher Price Gym

Huggies Snug and Dry

Playtex Baby Nurser Bottles

Dr. Brown Original Wide Neck Bottles

Swaddle Me By Your Side Sleeper

Baby K’tan


What are your favorite must haves for 0-3-month-olds?

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  1. Valarie Thomas | 20th Aug 17


  2. Shell | 22nd Aug 17

    My little brother and his wife are having their first child at the end of the summer so I really appreciate all these wonderful ideas for gifts for them!!!

  3. Ophira | Easy Mommy Life | 22nd Aug 17

    The play gym is such a must have! my son used to love it a lot 🙂 a great compilation!

  4. Torche' Nash | 22nd Aug 17

    I love the list! I told myself BATTERIES are a must-have too. I can remember how many things I opened my first year of parenting that needed batteries. I told myself that’s all I will be gifting my expecting friends, because it’s something we forget about until we absolutely need them.

  5. Darlene Dee | 23rd Aug 17

    I love how everyone has a different list of MUST HAVES. I always say it depends on the baby.
    I wish I had known about that sleeper two years ago! It would have made early travel SO MUCH EASIER!

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